Is It Legal to Sunbathe In Your Backyard? An Insightful Answer

We all know that it is not safe to sunbathe in direct sunlight, but is it legal to do so in your yard? That’s a question most of us don’t know the answer to. It’s also a question that many people ask themselves when they are thinking of sunbathing in their yard.

If you are too, then we’re glad to say that the answer is a resounding yes!

However, there are some guidelines you need to follow. That’s why this blog post will provide useful insights into everything that is and isn’t legal concerning backyard sunbathing.

How to Sunbathe In Your Backyard Legally

There is nothing wrong with sunbathing in your backyard. However, there are two main guidelines you need to follow if you want to do it legally.

First, you need to ensure that your private parts are fully covered. You can wear shorts, underwear, a bikini, or whatever else you like. As long as it fully covers your genitals, you’re good to go.

Second, if you’re sunbathing with your spouse, then you need to keep it strictly about sunbathing. You shouldn’t engage in any sexual activity while you are in your yard as it will be viewed as lewd conduct.

Five Tips to Sunbathe Legally and Safely

Here are five tips for sunbathing legally and safely.

  1. Limit Access: Make sure the only people who have access to your backyard when you’re going to sunbathe are yourself and any other family members or friends whom you invite over.
  2. Get Your Skin Tanned: When your skin is tanned evenly without tan lines, people can’t see your private parts clearly when looking at them from a distance of around 50 yards away. This comes at play if someone is looking at your yard from a little distance and your genitals are accidentally exposed even though you are wearing underwear.
  3. Keep Your Clothes Within Reach: Keep your clothes within reach so that you can put them back on quickly if necessary.
  4. Protect Your Curtains: If you’re thinking about covering your yard with curtains so that no one from outside can peek in, then think again! Curtains can easily catch fire from direct sunlight.
  5. Apply Sunscreen: You should apply a sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV protection of at least SPF 30 about half an hour before stepping into your yard. Doing so will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the Sun.

The Charges You May Face for Sunbathing Illegally

In most areas, there are two offenses under which you may fall for sunbathing illegally.

1. Indecent Exposure

If you’re convicted for indecent exposure to your neighbor, you will likely face a fine ranging from $100 to $1,000, a prison sentence ranging from one month to one year, or both.

Those are the charges in most areas. However, many states in the U.S don’t have any clear laws about indecent exposure in relation to an individual sunbathing in their backyard.

How do you find out if you live in one of those states? And if you do live in one of those states, what charges can you expect? Go here to find out the answers to these questions.

2. Lewd Conduct

Lewd conduct or outraging public decency is when someone does something sexual or indecent within the view of other people without caring about whether others are offended by their actions.

But what does lewd conduct have to do with sunbathing?

You see, if you sunbathe completely naked and your genitals are exposed to someone, they may report it as indecent sexual behavior. In such a case, a thorough investigation will take place to determine whether you did something that could be considered lewd conduct. What’s considered lewd conduct, you ask? That depends on your state and local county. So you will have to check with your state and local laws.

As you can imagine, the punishments for lewd conduct are much more severe than accidental indecent exposure. If convicted, you’re looking at a hefty fine along with some serious prison time.

The Easiest Solution to Sunbathe Naked Legally

What’s the easiest solution to ensure that you won’t be charged for nude sunbathing in your backyard? We’ve done quite some research and we have absolutely no doubt that the best solution is to hire an expert constructor to build fences and other structures that will render people outside unable to see into your yard.

It may cost you some money, but there will be little to no effort on your end. A good constructor will handle all the planning as well as the execution of the entire project. Once they’re done, no one will be able to see into your yard.

So you will be able to sunbathe however you like in the comfort of your backyard!

Wrapping Up

As long as you take the advice shared in this post, you will have no legal trouble whatsoever for sunbathing in your backyard. So make sure to follow all the guidelines we discussed earlier to stay on the good side of the law.


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