Is Cutter Backyard Spray Safe for Dogs?

Cutter Backyard Spray is a pest control product that has been used for many years to keep away insects and other pests. But is the product safe for dogs? That’s what we will answer in-depth in this post.

We will also provide some tips on how you can use this product without worrying about your dog’s safety.

So without wasting another second, let’s get right to it!

Is Cutter Backyard Spray Toxic to Dogs?

Dogs are resilient animals. Cutter Backyard Spray is not toxic to dogs, but it does contain some ingredients that are known irritants.

The active ingredient in Cutter’s insect control product, permethrin, can cause redness and itching when applied directly to the skin of a dog. So if your pet accidentally gets spray on its coat while you use this backyard pest control treatment, expect an adverse reaction like a rash for about 12 hours after contact with the chemical.

But that’s not a serious problem. Typically, the rash will go away on its own. However, although it’s highly unlikely, if your pet has a rare reaction that becomes worse with time, you should consult a local veterinarian.

That’s about all you need to know about Cutter Backyard Spray’s effect on dogs. Now, let’s talk about some other animals.

Is Cutter Backyard Spray Toxic to Cats?

Cutter Backyard Spray is not safe for cats.

The active ingredient in Cutter’s insect control product, permethrin, can cause serious health problems if your cat gets any on its coat or manages to ingest some of the sprays after grooming itself. This usually happens when a pet owner applies an insecticide that contains permethrin and doesn’t take care to avoid getting it on their cat’s fur.

Regardless of how much contact occurs between this outdoor pest control treatment and your feline friend, expect adverse reactions like seizures within 12 hours of exposure for about 24 hours afterward.

If you notice these kinds of symptoms in your kitty, then you must get your pet diagnosed by a local vet right away and you must keep your kitty away from other pets until your vet says otherwise.

Is Cutter Backyard Spray Toxic to Rabbits?

Cutter Backyard Spray is not safe for rabbits either. Permethrin can cause serious health problems if your rabbit gets any on its coat while you’re applying the spray to a yard or garden area near them.

Is Cutter Backyard Spray Toxic to Squirrels?

Squirrels are feeble creatures. Almost every known irritant, including Cutter Backyard Spray, is not safe for them especially if they ingest it. So if you have a pet squirrel, make sure you don’t spray it near the eyes, nose, or mouth.

What’s the Right Way to Use Cutter Backyard Spray?

Cutter Backyard Spray is easy to use. All you have to do is spray the chemical directly on bugs or other pests that are visible in your yard or garden. How much of it should be applied will depend on your needs, but typically one quart works well for covering 2,500 square feet.

But if you’re concerned about how this backyard pest control treatment may affect your pet, we’ve got some great news for you.

There is a solution that will let you use Cutter without worrying about its effects on your pet!

Just mix three ounces of this product with 16 oz of water and spray it in small amounts over any area where bugs may be hiding, breeding, or lingering about. This way, even if your dog comes into contact with the chemical mixture as they frolic playfully through your garden or yard, there’s little to no chance that they will have an adverse reaction like rashes or severe itching. That is thanks to low permethrin concentration from mixing it half-strength before application.

Does Cutter Backyard Spray Really Work?

Yes, Cutter Backyard Spray works extremely well for killing bugs, insects, and other pests. That’s not just our opinion. People have been using this backyard pest control treatment to get rid of a variety of pests for over 30 years.

After researching this product for over an hour, we’ve found nothing but positive reviews on multiple websites and platforms including Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Cutter Backyard Spray is not just a one-trick pony, either. It can also be used in conjunction with other insecticides and pesticides that you might already have at home or in your shed or garage to create custom recipes that are targeted specifically towards the type of bugs you need to be eliminated from your yard, garden, trees, bushes, hedges — or wherever else they’re lurking about!

So if you want to protect your family and pets from all the annoying and potentially dangerous insects roaming around on your property, then you should give Cutter Backyard Spray a try.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know Cutter Backyard Spray is safe for dogs, are you ready to get rid of those pesky bugs and insects in your yard? Then if you haven’t already got it, get yourself the latest Cutter product from Amazon!


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