10 Ways to Keep Neighbors Off Your Driveway

If you live in a residential area, then chances are that your driveway is one of the only places where you can park. Despite that, your neighbors may still take up all the space on your driveway and make it impossible for you to get out.

How do you keep them from doing this?

In this blog post, we will cover ten ways that will help keep those pesky neighbors off your driveway!

1. Talk to Your Neighbor Directly

If you have a good relationship with your neighbor, then talking to them should be first on your list. If possible, take this opportunity to invite the person over for a cup of coffee and just chat about what’s going on. The best-case scenario is that they listen and stop being inconsiderate after the conversation. However, if not, then try some of the other methods on this list.

2. Put Up a Sign

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your neighbor, then this is the next best thing. There are plenty of signs that can serve as a reminder for when people park in front of your driveway.

The key here is to make sure it’s visible and not too passive-aggressive! Some examples could be: “Please use another side,” or “Don’t block my drive.” If these aren’t enough, try something like “Help keep me sane by staying off my property!” This way they will at least know there was an effort made on your end instead of just thinking you’re rude.

If you want to show more anger, write down your emotions but replace any swear words with something more appropriate.

3. Put Up Traffic Cones In Your Driveway

This method works like a charm. It’s easy, cheap, and effective — the perfect trio for the job.

If the cones don’t work, then try putting up an orange traffic cone in front of the neighbor’s car so they have no choice but to move their vehicle. If they do not take notice after this step has been done, there isn’t much else you can do except call the police — but hopefully it never gets that far!

One word of caution: make sure that any cones purchased for this situation aren’t too large. Otherwise, they may be seen as obstructions by other drivers in your neighborhood and someone may file a complaint against you.

4. Install a Fence

This method maybe a little more expensive, but it’s also one of the most effective. Simply put up a fence on your property line and make sure to mark its area with paint or stakes.

If you’re uncomfortable putting up this type of structure yourself, try hiring some help from Craigslist instead. It shouldn’t cost too much money since several people are looking for work who are willing to do almost anything they can get paid for. Just remember that if it is built incorrectly you might receive complaints about neighborhood damage.

To prevent that from happening, read this post.

5. Call the Police

If none of the above works even though the person blocking your driveway is legally in the wrong, call the cops.

While this might seem like an extreme measure, it’s necessary to let your neighbor know that they can’t just park on your property without your permission and not face any consequences.

Be sure to make note of how long or often they are parked illegally before making the phone call though. How would it look if you called after only one incident? It’s better to wait until you’re sure the person deserves to get their vehicle towed.

6. Call a Towing Company

If the police are busy and you need the vehicle towed immediately because you’re in a hurry, then it’s time to start calling local towing companies. If the company you hire is any good, they will arrive within minutes and start towing the vehicle out of your way. The only downside to hiring a towing company is that it will cost you some money.

How much? Well, that depends on your state and the company you choose to hire. That being said, here are some ballpark estimates:

Here are some more ballpark estimates:

  • $30 to $100 for five to seven miles
  • $100 to $250 for forty miles
  • $250 to $600 for a hundred miles

7. Install a Security Camera

Shame is always a great tool for altering behavior. It can work here as well. If your neighbor knows they are being recorded, they will be less likely to park in your driveway without your permission.

Another benefit of mounting a camera in your driveway is that if your car gets stolen or when someone parks in your driveway, you will have video footage of the whole thing. This can come in handy if the police get involved.

8. Arrive First

There are times when you just can’t get your neighbor to stop parking in front of your driveway, no matter how many different ways you ask them.

So if you have a neighbor who parks in your driveway frequently, try getting there first. Better yet, take a cab for a couple of days and have your car parked in your driveway 24/7. Doing so will encourage your neighbor to find a new spot where they can park regularly.

9. Apply for a Resident-Only Parking

Does your neighbor often have guests over? Do those guests park in your driveway? Then an easy way to get rid of this problem is by getting a resident-only parking permit for your driveway.

10. Set Up a Gate

This may be an expensive option, but it’s the most effective one. By installing a gate to your driveway, you can ensure that no one can park on your property without your permission.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, keeping your neighbors off your driveway isn’t all that hard. You have multiple choices, and each one can get the job done without requiring too much effort on your end.

So which of the methods discussed in this post are you going to use? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you can think of any other smart way to keep neighbors off your driveway, please share that as well.


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