Here’s How You Should Get Rid of Rabbit Poop In Your Yard

Everyone knows that rabbits are cute and fluffy. But what most people don’ know is that they can also be a bit of a nuisance. The biggest problem they cause is they poop often and all over the place. An average rabbit can poop anywhere between 200 to 300 times per day depending on what they eat, when they eat it, and how they spend their time after a meal.

If you’re a rabbit owner, you’ve seen firsthand how much these furry little pets can poop. Cleaning up after the mess they make is no easy task. That’s why at one point or another, you must have asked yourself the following questions:

  • Is there an easy way to get rid of the rabbit poop in my yard?
  • How can I completely get rid of the smell?
  • How can I keep them out of my garden and off my porch?

Well, let us tell you right off the bat, it’s not easy. But it isn’t too difficult either if you know what you’re doing.

The Right Way to Get Rid of Rabbit Poop In Your Yard

Here’s a simple three-step method to get rid of rabbit poop in your yard the right way.

  1. Use a Poop Scooper: There are many different types of poop scoopers out there. How each one works varies, but the basic idea is that they are all used to pick up after your rabbit and remove their waste from where it was dropped. So if you haven’t already got one, you need to buy a poop scooper from a local store or online. Once you’ve got it, simply use it to collect the droppings after your furry friend does his business and throw it in the trash.
  2. Rinse the Area With a Hose: After getting rid of the poop, you need to rinse the area with water. This will eliminate any remaining feces or even smells that were left behind by your bunny’s waste.
  3. Use a Leaf Blower: The last step is to use a leaf blower. It will blow away any traces left behind and help reduce the odors as well.

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Rabbit Poop

After you’ve gotten rid of the poop, there still may be a stink left behind. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of the smell of rabbit poop. Here are some choices you have.

  • Spray peppermint oil in areas where the stink is strongest.
  • Make a combination of baking soda, distilled white vinegar, coffee grounds, vanilla extract, and lemons, and spray it in areas where the stink is strongest.
  • Put open containers of baking soda in your yard. They will absorb the smell and have your yard smelling fresh in no time.

How to Potty Train Your Rabbit

The only way to stop your rabbit from pooping wherever they like and into a selected spot is through potty training.

Here’s a step-by-step method to potty train your rabbit.

  1. Get a litter box and put it in an accessible place for your rabbit.
  2. Fill the litter box with hay and straw.
  3. Put some droppings from your rabbit in the litter box.
  4. Rub the droppings into the hay and straw to get your rabbit’s scent on it.
  5. Place the litter box in the same spot every time your rabbit uses it.
  6. Reward your rabbit when they use the litter box by petting them or giving them a treat.

We know it sounds like a lot of work. But it’s a one-time thing. Once you’ve trained your rabbit to poop in their designated area, they will do so for the rest of their life.

How to Keep Wild Rabbits Away from Your Property

Are wild rabbits entering your property and filling your yard with poop? Then here are five ways to keep those uninvited guests away.

1. Use Rabbit Repellents

The first way to keep wild rabbits away is by using repellents. There are several products available in the market that work well at keeping rabbits out of your yard for weeks or even months.

Here’s a list of the top rabbit repellants in the market:

If you want to save some bucks, you can make a mixture yourself by mixing garlic, putrescent egg solids, and white pepper with water. You will have to spray your yard with this solution once every morning to keep the wild rabbits away.

2. Get a Dog

Another way to keep wild rabbits away is by getting a dog. Dogs are natural predators for these animals that will chase them down and scare them off whenever they enter your property.

3. Leverage Technology

If you don’t have the time or energy to get a pooch, then try using an electronic device like an ultrasonic pest repeller to scare rabbits away. These devices emit high-pitched sounds inaudible to humans but unbearable for all sorts of pests including wild bunnies entering your yard looking for food.

You can also get motion-activated sprinklers that detect any movement around it with its infrared sensors, activate water jets when triggered, and spray unwanted guests with water until they leave.

4. Remove Anything that’s Rabbit-Friendly

The third way to keep wild rabbits away is by removing anything in your yard that’s friendly to them. Get rid of all plants, flowers, and vegetables they may be attracted to so they won’t even want to step foot inside it.

You should also get rid of compost piles because these are usually full of yummy fresh veggies for the bunnies looking for a snack. And make sure you clean up any crumbs or food particles scattered around on the ground or left behind from picnics. This will help prevent an invasion before it happens!

5. Install a Fence

The final way to keep wild rabbits away is by installing a fence around your yard. It may cost you some money, but this is a permanent solution. Just make sure that your fence is tall enough to keep out all kinds of rabbits.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, getting rid of rabbit poop isn’t as hard as it’s cracked up to be. By following the simple advice shared in this post, you can keep your yard smelling fresh and free of rabbit poop!


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