Does UPS Deliver to Mailboxes And Doors?

UPS typically delivers packages to both mailboxes and doors, depending on the specific delivery instructions provided by the sender and recipient. For smaller packages that fit in the mailbox, the delivery driver can place them directly in the mailbox. However, for larger packages or when a signature is required, the driver will typically deliver to the recipient’s door. UPS also offers various delivery options, such as leaving the package with a neighbor or at a designated UPS Access Point for pickup, if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery. Ultimately, the delivery method will depend on the size and requirements of the package, as well as the preferences of the sender and recipient.

UPS Delivery Methods

UPS offers several delivery methods to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers. Here are the main delivery methods to consider:

UPS Ground

UPS Ground is the most affordable delivery option and is ideal for non-urgent deliveries. Here are some key points to know about UPS Ground:

  • Residential deliveries: Packages are delivered to the front door, porch, or garage.
  • Commercial deliveries: Packages are delivered to reception, mailroom, or shipping dock.

UPS Air Services

UPS Air Services offer faster delivery options for urgent shipments. Here are some key points to know about UPS Air Services:

  • Next Day Air: Delivers the next business day.
  • 2nd Day Air: Delivers in two business days.
  • 3 Day Select: Delivers in three business days.

UPS SurePost

UPS SurePost is a partnership between UPS and USPS that offers a cost-effective option for residential deliveries. Here are some key points to know about UPS SurePost:

  • Residential deliveries: Packages are delivered to the mailbox or front door, depending on the size and weight of the package.
  • Working in partnership with USPS: UPS delivers the package to the local USPS facility, and USPS makes the final delivery.

UPS Delivery to Mailboxes

If you’re expecting a package delivery to your mailbox, it’s essential to understand USPS regulations on mailbox use. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Mailbox access exclusively for USPS: Only USPS personnel are authorized to access mailboxes.
  • Penalties for unauthorized mailbox use: Unauthorized mailbox use can result in fines or imprisonment.

If you’re using UPS SurePost for residential deliveries, packages may be delivered to your mailbox or your front door, depending on the size and weight of the package. UPS transfers packages to USPS for final delivery, and USPS is responsible for delivering the package to your mailbox.

UPS Delivery to Doors

For residential deliveries, UPS typically delivers packages to the front door, porch, or garage. For commercial deliveries, packages are typically delivered to reception, mailroom, or shipping dock. Here are some additional things to know:

  • Signature requirements and exceptions: Some packages require a signature upon delivery, while others do not. In some cases, you may be able to authorize the release of the package without a signature.

UPS My Choice: Customizing Your Delivery

UPS My Choice is a free service that allows you to customize your deliveries to fit your schedule. Here are some of the features available with UPS My Choice:

  • Delivery alerts: Receive text or email notifications when your package is on the way.
  • Delivery change options: Change the delivery date or location of your package to fit your schedule.
  • Access Point delivery: Have your package delivered to a UPS Access Point location for easy pickup.

UPS Access Point Locations

UPS Access Point locations are local businesses that partner with UPS to offer secure package storage and flexible pickup times. Here are some things to know about UPS Access Point locations:

  • Local businesses as Access Points: UPS partners with local businesses, such as convenience stores and dry cleaners, to offer Access Point locations.
  • UPS Store locations: Some UPS Stores also serve as Access Point locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about UPS deliveries:

What happens if I am not home during delivery?

If you’re not home during delivery, UPS may leave the package in a safe place or attempt delivery on a later date. You can also authorize the release of the package without a signature through UPS My Choice.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

UPS does not offer specific delivery time requests.

Is it possible to change the delivery address after the package is shipped?

Yes, you can change the delivery address through UPS My Choice.

What if my package is damaged or goes missing?

If your package is damaged or goes missing, you can file a claim with UPS to receive a refund or replacement.

Does UPS Deliver to Apartments Door?

Yes, UPS does deliver packages to apartment doors. However, the specific delivery location may vary depending on the instructions provided by the sender and recipient. If the apartment complex has designated areas or procedures for package delivery, UPS will adhere to those guidelines. It’s always best to provide accurate delivery instructions to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.

How to Get UPS to Leave Package At My Door?

To request UPS to leave a package at your door, you can create a UPS My Choice® account and set the delivery preferences accordingly. With a UPS My Choice® account, you can select the “Leave at My Door” option for eligible packages, allowing UPS to leave the delivery at your specified location without requiring a signature. Additionally, you can also leave a signed note on your door with instructions for the driver to leave the package.

Does UPS Deliver to Locked Mailboxes?

Yes, UPS can deliver packages to locked mailboxes. However, the delivery method may vary depending on the size and characteristics of the package. If the package can fit into the mailbox without causing damage or obstruction, the UPS driver will usually place it inside. For larger packages or those requiring a signature, the driver may leave a notice in the mailbox instructing the recipient to pick up the package at the nearest UPS facility or arrange for redelivery.

What Is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a service offered by UPS in collaboration with the United States Postal Service (USPS). It primarily caters to lightweight, non-time-sensitive residential deliveries. With UPS SurePost, UPS handles the initial transit of the package from the seller to the local USPS facility closest to the recipient’s address. The USPS then completes the final delivery to the recipient’s door. This collaborative service is often utilized to provide cost-effective shipping options for e-commerce businesses and customers.


Understanding UPS delivery methods and customizing your deliveries with UPS My Choice can help ensure that your packages are delivered efficiently and on your schedule. Consider the different delivery methods and features available to find the best fit for your needs.


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