Wondering if Lizards can Eat Scorpions? Let’s Find Out

Whether you’ve got a pet lizard or just a garden lizard that loves to stroll around your backyard, you’re probably wondering what these slick little creatures can do when they face a scorpion. Will the lizard eat any venomous crawlers daring to come face to face with it? 

Let’s take a deep dive and settle the question for once. 

Do Lizards Eat Scorpians?

Unfortunately, there’s no short answer here. 

With over 6,000 species of lizards and so many varieties of scorpions, there’s no conclusive answer here. But if one thing is clear, it’s that some lizards can eat scorpions if they’re small and tender. Yes, we’re talking about baby scorpions. 

Does that mean that lizards can’t eat a fully grown scorpion with its scary body? In most cases, yes. It’s unlikely for a lizard to devour an adult scorpion. But that’s not to say that it’s impossible. 

Just like some humans can manage to achieve seemingly superhuman feats, some lizards are more daring with their food choices. For those of you who love watching nightmare-inducing footage, here’s a video of a lizard swallowing a huge scorpion as a tasty afternoon snack: 

Some examples of lizards that eat can devour scorpions include geckos, desert spiny lizards, and other voracious lizards with a predatory nature. 

Will Lizards in my Backyard Eat Scorpians? 

Most lizards found in the backyards of a typical home are unlikely to eat large and scary creatures like scorpions. So if you were planning to get rid of scorpions by buying a bunch of pet lizards and unleashing them on the scary crawlers, we’re sorry to be the bringer of bad news. 

Can Scorpians Hurt my Pet Lizard? 

If you have a pet lizard and you’re worried that a scorpion might hurt or even kill it, then we’ve got some good news. Most scorpions stick to small insects for their dietary needs. They don’t care to tussle with big creatures like lizards when they can just munch on the wide variety of insects in your yard. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that freak accidents are out of the question. We’ve seen scorpions, especially those of the larger breeds, attack and even kill mice, hamsters, and yes, even lizards. 

So if you’re worried about the safety of your little pet, you should consider housing the little guy indoors to keep it away from preying creatures. 

This is true regardless of whether there are scorpions in your area. That’s because huge scorpions are not the only threat to lizards. There are a lot of threats for a lizard outdoors. 

Not to mention, your precious little friend probably won’t understand the boundaries of where your garden ends and where your neighbors home begins. So you may end losing your pet if it ventures too far and fails to find its way back home. 


Lizards have the ability to eat scorpions. But the odds of that happening are slim at best. That’s because most lizards, especially the ones found around human societies, are physically incapable of eating anything bigger than a baby scorpion. 

So unless your garden is littered with little venomous crawlers, you won’t be seeing a live demonstration of a lizard devouring scorpions any time soon. 


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