Can You Ride a Miniature Horse?

To answer this question, we have to first ask you a question: Are you a kid or an adult?

Adults cannot ride a miniature horse. They’re too heavy for the little horses. Kids, on the other hand, may or may not be able to ride a miniature horse depending on their weight.

How Much Weight Can a Miniature Horse Carry?

Most miniature horses can carry up to 85 pounds, but this varies depending on the horse’s build and strength. If your weight is more than that, then you cannot ride a miniature horse.

Generally speaking, a miniature horse should not be loaded with more than 20% of its own weight. So if it weighs 300 pounds, then it shouldn’t be carrying a pound more than sixty.

How to Ride a Miniature Horse Safely

In order to ensure your miniature horse riding experience goes safely, you need to heed the following advice.

1. Helmets Are a Must

Did you know head injuries are typically the most devasting ones? So just like when you ride a full-sized horse, always wear a helmet when riding a miniature horse. as well. It will help prevent serious head injuries in case you fall.

2. Proper Boots Are Also a Must

Wearing the proper footwear is just as important as wearing a helmet. So Make sure your boots have a good grip and can protect your feet from getting injured if you fall off.

3. Proper Sitting Positions Can Save You a Lot of Pain

Many people experience issues with their back when riding a horse. That’s because they don’t sit the right way. When riding a miniature horse, you should always sit up straight with your shoulders back.

4. A Trainer Must Be With You at All Times

Even if you’re an experienced rider, it’s always best to have a trainer with you when riding a miniature horse. That way, they can provide assistance and ensure your safety in case of an emergency.

5. Staying Alert Throughout the Ride Is Necessary

Riding a miniature horse can be an enjoyable and thrilling experience, but it can also cause you to lose focus. So stay alert throughout the ride and avoid doing anything that can distract your attention from what’s going on around you at all times.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Riding Miniature Horses

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about miniature horse riding.

1. What Age Kids Can Ride Miniature Horses?

The age can vary from one horse to another. But since most miniature horses can carry a weight of up to 85 pounds, kids as old as six can ride them if their weight is not more than that.

2. What Happens If a Miniature Horse Picks Up Too Much Weight?

You don’t want to overburden your horse. As we mentioned earlier, 20% of its own weight is the limit for most horses. Put any more than that and your horse may be harmed.

When a horse is hurt, it might

  • Start bucking or throwing kicks
  • Start rearing
  • Trip and fall which could cause a permanent injury

3. Are Miniature Horses Friendly?

Yes, miniature horses can be very friendly and make great pets. In fact, they are often used as therapy animals because of their gentle nature. That’s also why people who want to teach their children how to ride a horse start them off with miniature horses from an early age.

All that being said, you should still approach a miniature horse with caution and never try to pet it if it’s not calm.

4. Can Miniature Shetlands Be Ridden?

Yes, miniature Shetlands can be ridden. However, they may not be able to carry as much weight as a regular miniature horse. So always consult with the breeder or owner before you attempt to ride one. Furthermore, never ride a Shetland without the supervision of an adult. You should always have an adult with you in case something goes wrong.

5. What’s the Difference Between a Miniature Horse and a Pony?

The main difference between a miniature horse and a pony is that ponies are much smaller than horses. A miniature horse can be up to 34 inches tall at the withers, while a pony can only be up to 28 inches tall. Ponies also tend to have thicker manes and tails, as well as shorter legs in proportion to their body size. They are bred mainly for work or pleasure purposes, whereas miniature horses are bred mainly for competitive shows.

6. Can a Miniature Horse Pull a Cart?

Yes, miniature horses can pull carts. However, you need to make sure the cart is properly fitted for your horse and that it can handle the weight of what’s in the cart. You should also never try to pull a cart with a child in it without adult supervision. While we’re on the subject, children should always be supervised when around any type of animal.

7. What Are Some Fun Activities to Try With Miniature Horses?

There are many fun activities you can try with miniature horses, including horseback riding, cart pulling, club campouts, and more. You can also participate in shows at your local fairgrounds if there is one nearby.


Whether you can ride a miniature horse depends on several factors, each of which has been discussed thoroughly in this post. So just take those factors into account and you will have your answer. Before we end this post, we want to remind you once again to follow the horse-riding instructions that we shared earlier. Otherwise, your horse riding experience may not go as well as you think.


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