11 Amazing Plants that Repel Spiders

Spiders are creepy. If you have ever seen one, it is hard to forget the experience. They can be found crawling on plants, in your bathtub, and even inside your home! So how can you rid your property of these scary pests?

Well, you will be glad to know that you have multiple options — and of those options, the most effective one is also the easiest. So what is it? Simply use plants that repel spiders.

Yes, that’s right! There are dozens of plants that repel spiders and each one is your best option because they are all:

  • Effective at scaring spiders away.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Healthier for the environment because they produce oxygen and remove common household toxins from the air.

If you’re looking for plants that will repel spiders in your home or garden, this blog post is for you! We’ve done extensive research on this topic and compiled our findings into a list of the eleven best plants for repelling spiders.

1. Lavender

Lavender is an ideal plant for keeping spiders away because it has a strong scent that deters critters from entering your property. So the stronger the fragrance of your lavender plant, the better it will be at keeping out those pesky arachnids.

Another benefit to having these plants around is that they look great. Since lavenders come in many colors and sizes, there’s something for everyone’s taste preference. Furthermore, they also have pretty flowers that attract bees — another bonus if you’re an environmentalist who wants to protect our pollinators.

So all in all, lavender is an ideal choice.

2. Basil

This herb has a strong scent that most spiders do not like, making it a perfect choice for keeping them away.

In addition to being effective at spider control, basil plants have other benefits as well: they’re easy to grow, add flavor to food dishes, and repel mosquitoes! So if you’re looking for an all-around good plant to have around your home or garden, look no further than basil.

3. Lemon Balm

These have a strong lemony scent that arachnids find offensive, and they’re also effective at keeping other pests away too! For example, lemon balm plants can be used to deter mosquitoes, aphids, and fleas.

What’s more, these plants are beautiful additions to any garden and come in many different colors. So if you’re looking for an attractive plant with comes in a wide variety of colors, lemon balm is it.

4. Peppermint

You probably already know that peppermint plants can be used to make delicious minty teas, but what you may not know is that these plants are also great at repelling spiders.

The reason these plants are so effective is because of their strong scent. Spiders cannot stand the smell and will stay away from your property even if the plant isn’t growing on your property but nearby.

So if you’re looking for a plant that repels spiders and provides you with minty tea, go for peppermint!

5. Citrus Fruits

This one is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love citrus fruits? They are delicious and nutritious as they pack several essential nutrients including loads of vitamin C. Some good choices for citruses fruits include lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits.

Did we mention that these plants are among the most effective ones at repelling arachnids? Well, if we didn’t, that’s a given for all the plants on this list.

6. Catnip

Catnip plants may seem like an odd choice for repelling spiders, but trust us — they work! This herb has a powerful scent that arachnids can’t stand, making them a great choice for keeping spiders at bay.

What’s more, catnip plants are easy to grow and make your garden look great. So all in all, catnip is a fantastic choice.

7. Lemon Verbena

This plant has a lemony smell that spiders hate, making it an ideal choice for keeping them away.

What’s more, lemon verbena plants are easy to grow and come in many different colors. So if you’re looking for a beautiful plant that also helps keep arachnids away, look no further than lemon verbena.

8. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus plants have a strong, minty scent that spiders do not like. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-grow plant that will help keep spiders away, eucalyptus is a great choice.

9. Rosemary

This herb has a strong, minty smell that spiders despise. In addition to repelling arachnids well, this herb is also easy to grow, it makes your garden look good, and it smells like heaven!

10. Citronella

Not only is citronella great for repelling spiders, but it’s also a potent mosquito repellent. So if you’re looking for a plant that will help keep both spiders and mosquitoes away, citronella is the ideal choice.

11. Marigold

Marigolds have a unique odor that repels spiders as well as other insects from your garden, including lice, mosquitoes, and flies. They also brighten up your outdoor space with their vibrant hues.

Final Thoughts

So which plant are you going to use in your home? Whichever one you choose to use on your property, you can rest assured that spiders will no longer be lurking around. That’s because each plant works almost as well as the rest.


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